Mirror, Mirror: Choosing the Perfect Mirror

Mirrors can be somewhat intimidating at first glance. Looking into one on a bad day can seem to be a trial. But the right style and shape of mirror can add incredible amounts of seeming space to your living room or bedroom, making your room seem much larger than it is and making your incredible taste all the more visible to your guests. Here are some tips on picking and placing a mirror for any space:

Shape and size are the key. Have a room that seems too short? Pick a tall mirror and angle it up a little bit. Need a little more horizontal space visually? Pick a large, wide mirror. In addition to that, uniquely shaped mirrors – waves, ovals, lozenges, and the like – can add their own unique touches to a room, making sure that your room is eye-catching and draws plenty of attention.  Choose what works best for you and the style of the room that you’re trying to choose your mirror for, taking into account size and space considerations.
Placement can be important. If you don’t want conversations to be diverted by guests constantly watching themselves, place the mirror a bit away from conversation centers, reflecting the room more than the people in it. If you want to make the room seem taller and add a sharp modern touch, angle the mirror slightly up. Choose what fits your space and the style of your room best, and remember to always carefully measure to make certain that you’re getting the best possible fit for the space available to you – if your mirror is dominating the room too dramatically, resulting in clutter and overly crowded spaces, it damages the entire point.

For those of you seeking an artistic touch, clusters of small mirrors can add a fun, fresh touch to a room, breaking up a space visually while adding extra space to a room. Try combining different shapes and sizes for the most eye-catching effect. You can buy a variety of mirrors yourself, or buy one of the many pre-assembled sets of small mirrors already out there. Do you want bubbles, squares, a mix of the two, or something else entirely? Figure out the style that works best for you.

A good mirror enhances the best aspects of the room it’s placed in, reflecting your unique sense of style and contributing an illusion of space. Let your mirror – and your room – reflect the best pats of you, putting them on display. In the end, the perfect mirror is the perfect compliment to any modern living room, hallway, or even dining room.

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