Color Psychology and Your Bedroom

Choosing the right colors for your bedroom furniture can be the most important step of choosing your bedroom décor. The right colors will create a relaxing, intimate environment, while the wrong ones will lead to sleepless nights and not getting nearly enough rest. In addition, of course, color choice can help you define your personal style. While color choices in a bedroom environment are somewhat more limited due to the need for relaxation, there’s still plenty of room to choose something for your bed, wardrobe, and rugs that will match the rest of your house.

The main decision to make is between warm colors and cool colors. Both can be used effectively in a bedroom, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks psychologically.

Warmer tones lead to a sense of safety and contentment, and do indeed warm up a room. In addition, there is an edge of sensuality to warmer tones, making it perfect for a couple’s bedroom. Reds, browns, softer oranges, and even certain forms of white and black, are all perfect for a warm-toned bedroom. This is also one of the easier color layouts to find, thanks to the preponderance of warmly-toned wood finishes out there.

In general, softer, subtler shades are better for warm-toned bedroom sets – sets that are too bright may end up being too energizing, having the wrong effect. Go for earthy reds and browns, rather than vivid ones. Of course, for those trying to create a certain effect with their décor – and those who can sleep easily – more bright reds can work out well.

Cooler colors like blue, purple, and green have a tranquilizing effect, easing stress and promoting serenity. Blue is particularly effective for this psychologically, and can easily calm you down after a hard day’s work. In general, green should be used primarily for accenting, rather than as the main shade for one of these rooms – although, of course, there are exceptions.

Unlike with warmer colors, saturated but darker colors are the ideal for a cool-toned bedroom set – too unsaturated and the bedroom may end up giving a cold, impersonal appearance. The ideal is darker blues that resemble the evening sky and accent colors that contribute to that impression.

Pure white bedrooms are an option, of course, but generally come off as too cold. Unless saturated with a warmer or more vivid accent, pure white can end up having an imposing effect. If you’re looking to use white as your main color, accent it – a black frame can ease the effect considerably, or consider pillows or side furniture in blue, green, or red.

The key thing is to decide on a color theme and do your best to stick with it. Contemporary furniture is available in a variety colors and styles, so anything can be designed around. Just choose a basic shade group, choose appropriate accents and furniture pieces, and enjoy.

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