Pet Friendly Style: Keeping your living room looking its best under fire

Animals are man’s closest companions, and pets are part of many lives. However, balancing out a stylish living room with the natural behavior of most pets can be tricky, particularly with younger animals and with cats. The worst of the damage can be avoided by choosing furniture that can resist the damage or stop it entirely.

Sofas, couches, and love seats are all tricky as far as pets go. Leather should be introduced into a pet-rich environment only with great caution and delicacy – a curious cat can do deep damage to leather that can’t be easily hidden. Even just a few puncture or scratch marks can hurt the appearance of leather, after all – it’s one of the less forgiving materials in this respect.

Fabric upholstery is better overall for pets, and many recommend microfiber as the best way to deal with pets. Both durable and easy to clean, microfiber tends to not be easily scratched apart due to its dense basic construction and can be cleaned of pet hair with very little trouble. When in between cleanings, having your furniture in a color that matches your pet’s coat a little can be useful – it means that fur shows less.

For tables of various kinds, going with modern, glass-and-metal designs can keep cats or dogs from doing too much visible damage – the glass may need regular cleaning, but it means the elimination of wood for them to scratch up. Modern coffee tables are often very durable, ensuring that they can endure the wear and tear your beloved companion puts on them.

For shelving and decorations, the wall might be the best candidate. Suspended shelves can’t be easily reached by cats, ensuring that whatever you have on them stays on properly instead of being knocked to the floor. The same goes for decorations, of course – wall art is much harder to knock over than a vase.

Of course, careful training is the real key, and with time you might be able to bring in wood and leather without little Fluffy deciding the new furniture is all scratching posts. Still, for those with young or disobedient pets, the above tips can help ensure that your house stays beautiful no matter what its furry residents do to it.

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