Storage and Organization: How to make your bedroom tidy with modern style

Having plenty of storage for your clothes and other important items in your bedroom is key, but it can be tricky, especially in smaller bedrooms. Closets are always great, but if your closet runs out of room other options become necessary, and it can be hard to balance out storage needs and style. With a bit of planning, though, any room can have plenty of space without sacrificing any of your sense of style.

The most important first step is to measure the space you have. Be sure to measure vertically as well as horizontally – most wardrobes and dressers are fairly tall, and blocking a window or a picture would be a terrible outcome. Figure out a large, clear space where you can easily access your new storage and where it won’t block access to your other furniture.

Next, of course, is deciding what style of storage you want for that space. There are three main options – dressers, wardrobes, and armoires – along with various fusions, and they all have their pros and cons.

Dressers are the smallest option, and are perfect for more compact spaces. Generally the shortest choice, dressers have plenty of room for clothing, but only allow for folded clothing. For those who already have a large closet and just need extra room for socks and the like, they’re probably the best choice. What’s more, many bedroom furniture sets come with dressers, allowing you to easily match them to your room’s style needs.

Wardrobes offer more hanging room, but generally have no drawers – they’re best if you have no closet or very little closet space, and can be a great place for shoes and the like. They fill a lot of space, but given the variety of modern and traditional wardrobe designs, they can easily become centerpieces for your room or disappear into it as you see fit.

Armoires are a hybrid option and offer the best of both options – at the cost of space, as they take up a good amount of vertical room. Many armoires have a wardrobe-like space to hang clothes on top of a set of drawers, which can be an ideal option for someone with no closet and not too many outfits. Others contain space for a TV instead of the wardrobe, giving you a stylish way to have a television in your room that won’t get in your way. There are other styles of armoire as well with options like shelving space and the like, but the most basic versions are the above.

Having a small amount of space to work with doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. With these simple clothes storage options, keeping your bedroom and bedroom furniture elegant and clutter-free has never been easier.

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