3 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Cocktail Tables

Putting a cocktail table into living room has become the dictum these days. This dictum should rightly go into the rulebook, and why not? A living room without a cocktail table is hardly a “living” room. It looks incomplete and awkward.

Cocktail table, also known as a coffee table is the centerpiece of a living room. It is placed between or in front of the sofas. It is the focal point around which all activities of a living room are carried out. Be it entertaining guests or bonding with family over coffee, a cocktail table makes the house complete. This multipurpose piece of furniture used by people for different reasons. A cocktail table is used in different ways, such as serving cocktails and coffee; resting ones feet; keeping books and magazines or enjoying a game of chess.
There are a large number of design feature available in cocktail tables nowadays. One can choose from contemporary to traditional and modern styles. The rule of the thumb is never choose something that does not go well with your sofa.

Cocktail table: 3 tips that always work

How Choose the Perfect Cocktail Tables

How Choose the Perfect Cocktail Tables

TIP 1: Size and Style are the two S’s you must consider, first and foremost. Check your living space area. Is it large enough to accommodate the table you have set your heart on, or should you opt for a smaller table? Keep in mind that there must be enough space around the table to allow easy movement. Cocktail tables come in a lot of styles. From modern to exotic, traditional to Victorian. The options are numerous. Be careful and don’t get lured by the looks.

How to Choose the Perfect Cocktail Tables

Cocktail Table

TIP 2: Material of the table is another important factor. Since you are spending your hard earned money on this furniture, make sure you avoid the easily breakable and choose the highly durable. Wood, marble, plastic, leather, glass and steel are some options you might come across. Never hurry while making these decisions, keep calm and go for the right pick.


How to Choose the Perfect Cocktail Tables

Cocktail Tables


TIP 3: Think about how you are going to use the table. If you have a large family and want more storage options, choose an ottoman and place a glass slab or large tray on it to use it as a cocktail table. If you have children around, don’t go for sharp edges, and light base tables which might topple over. If you want to use the table just as a decorative piece, options abound.                                                                                                                                                                                          Some cocktail tables that stand out
Some models of cocktail tables with intricate minute detailing that I could not resist ogling are mentioned below:
•    The Bob Mackie Round cocktail table has a majestic and sturdy look. It comes in the charming Rosewood color with detailing in gold. The base of the table is magnificently done that makes it look grand.
•     The Aico Portrait living room table has a superbly sophisticated and sober presence. Its bold lines, cabriolet legs and deep brown finish adds to the oomph factor.

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