How to Design a Classic Bedroom – What Furniture You Must Need?

A classic bedroom is welcoming with its warmth and comfort. It becomes your heaven and brings you peace of mind, body and soul. A bedroom is a place where one can introspect, have a peaceful time with oneself and become oblivious of the entire world.  Most people prefer a classic bedroom over the modern. The classic bedroom is definitely more warm and cozy than a modern one. A classic bedroom uses minimalist furniture along with having good source for natural light and air, ans gives the room a personalized feel.

How to design a classic bedroom?
There are many things that go into the making of a classic bedroom. The furnishing, paint color and furniture itself are the key points to be taken special care. The upholstery must have warm colors. Pastels and earthy tones are the most classic colors. Just throw in a hint of red, green or blue here and there, if you want to add special effect. Match the throw color with the color of the couch or the rug to complete the look.
Some really classy couches, drawers, side tables, lamp shades, wardrobes and rugs can be added to match your bed to add that classy feel and look. One can also add any other piece of any personal favorite furniture like a reclining loveseat.

Couch: couches come in various styles and designs. Choosing one for your classy bedroom shouldn’t be that difficult. A wooden couch is always preferred. It might have an intricately carved out arm or tapering legs to give it that classy feel.
Drawers: this is something you can never go wrong with. Choose any one in earthy hues as per your requirements and there you have it! Drawers are always classy.
Side tables: they usually come with the bed. So, if your bed is nice, chic, sleek piece of art to die for, the side tables should be the right complementary in design.
Lamp shades: choosing the right night lamp can be a bit of challenge. It’s advisable to play safe here. One rule of the thumb is to choose the shade that goes with the coor of your bed or at least is complementing.

How to design a classic bedroom?

How to design a classic bedroom?

I simply can’t keep my eyes off when I see some classic bedroom collection. I like sturdy body, in dark chocolate color that makes one go weak in the knees. It gives your room complete classy look.  The complete collection is a milestone in classy furniture design.

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