Modern Glass: Why glass furniture is stylish and easy

A great deal of modern furniture involves glass in its construction, from glass-topped coffee tables to glass shelves on bookcases. Glass adds a contemporary look to any piece, catching the eye and adding a unique, stylish note to any room.

However, many people think that glass furniture is difficult to clean and maintain and far too fragile to last. Luckily, these assumptions are wrong. A piece of modern furniture with glass construction is as simple to maintain and as sturdy as the same piece in wood.

Most glass furniture is made with thick tempered glass, ensuring its stability. Tempered or toughened glass is produced through a unique high-heat process that creates durability that normal glass doesn’t have. This process ensures that you can use your glass-topped dining table without fear of it breaking in just a few months. Add to this the thickness of most glass used in furniture and you have a truly durable material. Simply check the specifications to make sure that it’s tempered glass and that it is thick and you’ll have no problems with durability and long-term use.

In addition, even if something does go wrong, tempered glass remains safe – it shatters into small fragments that aren’t sharp at all, and tends to cling together even when broken. This makes tempered glass safe even in environments with children, because even if something does break there’s no danger of it doing major harm to anyone.

Many people still worry about cleaning, which is a mostly unfounded worry. While it’s true that glass surfaces pick up dust a little more easily, they wipe clean just as quickly, making them a breeze to care for. Just a quick wipe with a moistened cloth will clear away dust and smears, and unlike wood furniture, glass furniture never needs re-polishing.

What’s more, if you want to spend even less effort on your glass furniture, simply choose something with a darker tint to the glass. Many tempered glass tables come frosted or tinted, and gray and black tints tend to not show dust nearly as easily. Cleanup becomes a much more reasonable proposition with tinted glass.

As you can see, glass furniture is sure to add a modern touch to your home or apartment without creating extra risks or extra cleanup. A few pieces of elegant glass-topped or glass-fronted furniture can give your home a contemporary, modern look – and none of your guests need to know the secret of how easy it all really is!

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