How to Add Height to a Buffet Table

Organizing a buffet table is not as easy job as it may appear. A lot of planning goes into setting up that perfect buffet table to woo your guests. You need to have a clear idea of what you want from the buffet table, well in advance.                                                          Buffet table options abound in the markets today. However buying the right buffet table is only the initial exercise in achieving the perfectness. The right table cloth, the right racks, the right flowers and vases…and the list goes on.

Buffet tables are usually rectangular in shape. They are longer than your normal center table. Most buffet tables come with extra drawers and shelves to provide storage. They are available in all possible materials; wood, steel and glass tops are most common. The designs in which these tables are available can amaze you! From intricate carvings to the most contemporary etchings, each design is better than the other. When organizing a buffet table, it is very important that every food item displayed on it is duly visible and accessible to the guests. You wouldn’t want to be unfair to any of the food on display, would you? This is where the need to add height to your buffet table arises.

Some useful tips on how to add height to your buffet table
•  Add risers to your table for the height. Risers include cardboard boxes, wooden blocks, racks, centerpieces and even vases.
•  Different sizes of wooden blocks can help you place your food at different heights. Make sure that they are sturdy enough to support the food. Food must not topple over when guests try to get their share.
•  These wooden blocks should be properly covered with cloth and should not be exposed from anywhere. The color of the cloth used to cover the blocks should complement the table cloth.
•  Cardboard boxes can be used in a similar manner to display lighter food items like salad or dessert. These must also be covered properly. Your guests must not have the slightest hint about what has gone into adding that height to the buffet table.
•  Add a little beautification to your buffet table by placing the centerpiece on the middle riser. A few flowers and vases here and there can be used to fill up the gaps or to complete the look of your perfect buffet table.

Some wonderful buffet tables for your home
A large number of websites these days provide good buffet tables. Some models you might find appealing are:
•    The Glamorous Buffet station comes with a seductive satin finished steel base. It comes with three drawers on one side and frosted glass door on the other. This Italian made table is a fine amalgamation of both style and convenience.
•    The 3 door oak veneer buffet table has a compact and sophisticated look. It comes with ample storage and its sturdy body makes it the perfect choice for any buffet party anywhere and anytime.

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