Selecting the Right Dining Table for My Small Dining Space

Dining tables are an indispensable part of homes these days. A home is incomplete without a proper dining space with the dining table. Be it entertaining guests or enjoying a meal with family, a dining table is a must have.
A dining table if a great place to catch up with the family over dinner or enjoy that birthday party with loved ones. One piece of furniture contributes to so many moments in life.
The range of dining tables available in markets these days is baffling. It is difficult of find a large spacious apartments in cities these days. One has to adjust in a small living space. Choosing the right dining table for such small space becomes a real challenge.
Before buying a dining table one must have one’s needs and wants clearly chalked out. Size of the table should be few inches smaller than the space available. Square or round tables are best for small space. Round table encourages healthy conversations and can seat extra people sometimes.

The right dining table for small space:

Selecting the Right Dining Table for Small Dining Space
Selecting the Right Dining Table for Small Dining Space

•    Size is the utmost point of concern. Since we are considering a small dining area here, the size of the table must be smaller than the space available. There must be ample space around the table for movement and keeping the chairs.
•    For small space rectangular tables must be avoided. Stick to circular or square shapes. The advantage to having a circular dining table is that some extra chairs can be added around when needed.                                            •    It is wise to opt for chairs without arms in case of small space. The legs of the chairs must be straight and not curved or tapered. This helps in saving space and prevents the area from appearing cramped.
•    Having a mirror on one of the walls in the dining area helps give the room a spacious look. Try and keep the table as far away from the walls as possible. It saves the dining space from that cramped look.
•    Extra care must be taken while choosing the material of the table top. Wood, glass, metal are a few options. Tables with black and tinted glass top are also available

Some models that you would never want to miss

Selecting the Right Dining Table for My Small Dining Space
Selecting the Right Dining Table for Small Dining Space

You can find different style and glamour dining room furniture online. Some of my personal favorites are:
•    Delina pedestal round dining table comes in the modern metropolitan look. It has a wooden top with oval cut-outs at the base. The perfect pick for small space, the chairs come with straight legs. This sturdy built table is easy to maintain and is durable. Buy it to add sophistication to your home.      •    Another hot pick is the round dining table with glossy lacquer glass top. Your dining experience is made convenient as the middle of the table spins 360 degrees. The base is made of stainless steel. This table makes dining a pleasure. Pick any one and you will end up loving the dining table more than the food!

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