Bed Placement according to Feng Shui

Nightfly Black. Rossetto

Nightfly Black. Rossetto

So, you have just bought a new bed and you are all excited and happy. But hey! Have you placed the bed in accordance to Feng Shui? Many will argue that there is absence of authenticity in it. But trust me my dear readers, Feng Shui does work! Its effectiveness and popularity is immensely huge. With each passing day, more and more people are becoming attracted towards it and also benefiting a lot. Thus, it is your time to take command and bring about happiness in your life. Last day I was chit-chatting with my friends upon this topic and I thought that I had to share it with you. Many points were raised in the discussion and personal experiences also came up. Thus, here I am now writing this blog which I believe will help you. Bed equals to good sleep. Many people have lavish beds with everything that is just perfect but still they do not receive good sleep. Could this be due to the misplacement of bed? There are indeed high chances.

Are you a light sleeper who easily gets disturbed by the slightest noise? Then, it is advisable to place the bed in the northern direction. This aids in bringing peacefulness in the smoothest manner. You will have a fantastic sleep. If you have elderly people at home then make sure that their beds are placed in the northern direction. Do you have someone in your family or even friends who always wake up terrified and stunned? If so, then you must check the direction of their beds. Is it placed in the north-east direction? You should have it changed at the earliest. Conduction of various surveys has shown that when the bed is placed in north-east direction then the concerned individual experiences nightmares and anxiety almost every night.

East has always been a desirable position as far as bed placement is concerned. It seeks to ease out all kinds of depression. The main highlight of this Feng Shui position is that it brings forth the growth potential in you. Thus, if you are facing difficulties in business or if your child is undergoing stress in school, then make sure that the bed is placed in the eastern position.

Does your job require communication and interactive skills? Then, your bed should be positioned in the south-east direction. This will bring about the creativity in you and thus, you can perform immensely well in your job. A south facing bed is not considered good as it results in heated arguments and discussions. What you can do is place the bed in the south-west direction. Once you do it, you will feel the difference yourself. Peaceful family agreements and flow of happiness will always remain within your home.

Therefore, I advise you all to check the placement of you bed as soon as possible and make the necessary changes accordingly. Once you decide how to replace your bed, you can easily go online and order your bed according to your style. I assure that you will receive relevant benefits when you buy Bedroom Furniture! You and your family will lead a happy and prosperous lifestyle.

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