How Long to Keep Furniture Before Buying New One

Modern furniture

Modern furniture

Buying furniture is quite a decision especially because it involves more than one decision maker, preference of furniture, the cost factor and also how it adds value to the place. One of the biggest questions that remain unanswered is how long is it wise to keep furniture before buying new one. This is definitely a striking question especially when you are replacing the old furniture with new one.  Personally, I believe this is a very personal question from the user perspective.

Budgeting, preference according to the current trend, etc, forms a major part of the answer for that question. In any case, a lot of people believe that it is wise to keep the furniture of at least five years before buying a new one. In a lot of ways, this is correct and sounds sensible. Most frames of couches, dining tables and even office shelves will not pose any problems in the first two or three years. Depending on the frequency of use, one piece of furniture may need attention sooner than the other.

For example, last month, I had to get my dining table fixed from its base because it wasn’t holding the glass too well. Now, that is not the case with my television shelf. Clearly, it is the usage than the type of furniture. Furniture buying can be an exhaustive and expensive affair but initially you may want to breathe in some new air into your old furniture. For regular maintenance, Avetex furniture store is quite helpful. You can find out what they offer over the web.

Fabric Purple Sofa Set VG Vogue

Fabric Purple Sofa Set VG Vog

Some pieces of furniture may require early change. For instance, fabric sofas are always a victim of dust or something being spilled on them. This happens a lot if the fabric used has less grafts and isn’t too strong.                                                               Periodical maintenance of furniture can keep you away from buying new one. Ideally, three years is the average any piece of good furniture should run.


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