Contemporary Beds

WIN Contemporary Bedroom Rossetto

WIN Contemporary Bedroom Rossetto

Beds are considered to be the most essential part of a person’s private den – the bedroom. While it is a great feeling and perhaps luxurious too to have a bed that has a canopy giving a royal look, a contemporary bed is always the need of the hour. There are various designs and countless kinds of contemporary beds available in the market today. Paying for one is easier than choosing one. If you are someone like me who lives with a partner then a king size bed should be enough.

Contemporary beds are made of wood, metal and even cane. These beds consume lesser space when compared to their traditional counterparts. Besides, most designer new beds are eco-friendly. They are made keeping the global and local environment laws in place. Another known fact about the designer beds is that they are light weight and can be moved around according to your own fancy. Today’s contemporary beds are like MUVs (multi-utility vehicles). You can pull open the plank of the bed for underneath storage of blankets, pillows, bed sheets, etc. The bed also comes with side drawers near its legs so you can never complain of having no space.

My cousin is an upcoming interior designer and according to her, contemporary furniture and especially beds can be designed according to your lifestyle, home decor and space available. You can also design beds according to the profession you are in. Have a food outlet? Yes, you can always make hamburger-looking bed. Oval and round shaped beds are making the new fashion statement everywhere. Another great value addition is that you can now place the bed in the middle of the room rather than corners. After all, the most important part of your bedroom needs center stage. Contemporary beds are easily movable, affordable and can in many cases be dismantled and fixed again.


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